Contemporary Modern Art Commissions

When you achieve a certain level of success in life you are afforded the luxury of creating your environment down to the tiniest perfect detail. Do you have a unique space that is crying out for special attention? Do you have a custom pallet of colors that you would like to incorporate into a piece of art? Are you looking for an unusually sized canvas? A custom commission is a perfect answer. I can create completely original artwork of all sizes for the public, corporate, hospitality, health care and of course private space that is customized to you and your budget. Commissioning has several distinct advantages and for a truly unique space, it can be the only answer. Original people buy original art.

How it works:

It all starts with a no-obligation conversation. Once we define the color options, size, deadline, and price, I’ll go away and paint you two variations to choose from. Once completed I will send you hi-resolution pictures of the paintings. At this point in the process if you see anything you would like to change, then we talk about what your modifications will be and I will head off to paint another one incorporating the design elements into your picture. We will repeat this process until you have a few canvases that you really like and from there you will make your selection. No commission is ever complete until you, the collector, are delighted with your new piece of custom art.

Essentially, I keep painting until you fall in love with a picture (or two). Once you’re happy you’d like to see all the paintings I’ve created for you I’ll bring everything with me on install day and let you choose which one you actually want. It is not unheard of to find more than one painting that captures your imagination. The most difficult thing you will need to do is to select which one is the perfect piece.

You don’t have to settle for just one painting  – I will do as many as it takes to get it right, no matter what. As a custom collector, if you decide that you want to own more than one piece, I offer my collectors a VIP discount on multiple paintings that are selected from the collection I made for your viewing.